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Auto-Complete TextField Example: shows a textfield with auto complete drop down like google suggest

Drop Down Choice Example: demonstrates the linked select boxes usecase

Clock Example: demonstrates a self-updating component via AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior

Editable Label Example: shows a label that can be edited inline via ajax

Effects Example: shows how to link wicket component updates with jQuery UI effects

Form Example: shows ajax form processing

Guest book Example: shows how a simple commenting system can be turned into ajax extravaganza.

LazyLoading Example: demonstrates lazy loading of components.

Links Example: demonstrates ajax enabled links

File Upload Example: demonstrates trasnparent ajax handling of a multipart form

Modal window: javascript modal window example

On Change Ajax Updater Example: demonstrates updating page with ajax when text field value is changed

Pageables Example: shows ajax paging

Ratings example: shows a rating component.

Tabbed Panel Example: demonstrates ajax enabled tabbed panel

Todo list Example: shows ajax todo list page without writing any JavaScript

World Clock Example: demonstrates a single component with AjaxTimerBehavior updating multiple components

Ajax Download: download initiated via Ajax